Three-story Stone Pagoda from Gangnaksa Temple Site, Gumi (Presumed).

  • Designation: Treasure No. 1186
  • Period: Unified Silla Period
  • Location: Jikjisa Temple 89, Bugam-gil, Daehang-myeon, Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do

It is the Three-story Stone Pagoda from Gangnaksa Temple Site, Gumi (Presumed). It was relocated to Jikjisa Temple, Gimcheon. Three-story body stands of the single-tiered base. It is a large pagoda with a height of 9 m. The base and 1st-story body stone were made high. The finials were made by imitating the nearby pagoda. The overall proportions and detailed sculptures are good. They shows typical styles of the 3-story pagoda at the end of Unified Silla period.

보물1186호_구미 강락사지 삼층석탑 01-2016_02_04
Three-story Stone Pagoda from Gangnaksa Temple Site, Gumi (Presumed). Three-story pagoda body stands on single-tiered base. It gives the pagoda a sense of the stability and the lightness.

보물1186호_구미 강락사지 삼층석탑 02-2016_02_04
View from the side.

This is a stone pagoda of the late Silla dynasty in the 9th century. Originally, it had been located in Gangraksa Temple site in Weon-dong, Sensan-eup, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do. It was moved to the Seonsan County Office in 1968 and was relocated to Jikjisa Temple in 1980 when it’s top ornamental part was restored. This pagoda shows a typical style of the late Silla dynasty’s pagoda except for its one-step platform. The each side of this platform is composed of two pieces of granite, and each core and roof stone is made of a single piece of granite. Core stones have no attached images such as Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other attendants of the face of this core stone, except for embossed carving of inner pillars. The staircase-shaped support of the roof stone is made of five steps. While the height of the first story core stones are much taller than the second and third’s story core stones, the ratio of the width and height is almost identical. In addition, the thickness and width of the roof stone are suitable, by which it gives the pagoda a sense of the stability and the lightness. (Cultural Heritage Administration, 2016)


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